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African American Children's Subscription Boxes

You've got mail! There are several great monthly subscription boxes designed for African American kids. Each subscription company delivers hand-selected books, toys, and activities to your doorstep. The boxes have many options for you to select different packages based on age. Most of them have an emphasis on multiple core topics including STEAM, geography, culture and reading.

Most of the subscriptions deliver monthly, but some allow you to buy just one box or receive a discount for committing to a subscription period. Subscription boxes give you multiple options for customization to make them the most appealing to you and your child. A few customization options are age range, subject, number of items, type of items and cost.

Subscription boxes are curated with items that can help your family discover new books, learning tools, and toys. The designers do the browsing, sourcing and testing before sending items to your home. There’s a thrill associated with receiving a package each month and discovering what’s inside.
Here are a few popular subscription boxes designed for African American children. Each with their own story; these subscription boxes and websites are definetely worth checking out.

Brown Toy Box
The Brown Toy Box focuses on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) activities for children ages 4 - 12. Each box includes a book that highlights trailblazers from the African diaspora who have done or are currently doing awesome work. There are three different box levels based on the age of the child. Some topics covered are astronomy, architecture and many others.

Just Like Me Box
The Just Like Me box provides a monthly subscription box with 2-3 children's books featuring characters of color plus fun book swag. It’s ideal for children 12 years and older. Each month a new box with a hand-selected book is sent to you. The box also includes with fun and educational activities for you to enjoy with your child.

Black Butterfly Box
The Black Butterfly Box is a monthly subscription box for girls 4 -19 years of age. Each box comes with a book and other empowering swag that can be used as monthly affirmations to help improve self-confidence and a positive self-image for young girls of color.  Each box contains a book with a main character of color and one or more products from a black owned business.

Sweet Pea Girls
The Sweet Pea Girls brand is all about representation. Finding and shipping out great books featuring children of color is the SweetPeas' way of helping achieve this mission. Each box includes a new hardcover book, 3 - 5 exclusive items centered around the theme of the book, handmade items, an exclusive button to show off your book pride and more.

A. Cole Books
The Diverse Book Box is a monthly subscription of five books that have been hand-selected by diversity experts. This box aims to encourage inclusion for children with special needs, gifted abilities, and children of ethnic backgrounds. The books are from indie authors and they are designed to promote self-acceptance and uniqueness.

Joining the mailing list for any of these subscription services, will undoubtedly enhance the self-love in your household. When you begin using the items you receive, your children will not only feel included but empowered as a race or gender. Children feeling included in items they use every day is so fundamental especially in today's society. These boxes are just the beginning of ensuring that your children know they are beautiful, cherished, and important. 

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