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How large is each puzzle?

We carry puzzles in four different sizes.  Our smallest puzzle is 15 pieces and measures 6 inches x 8 inches, while our largest puzzle is 100 pieces and measures 14 inches x 19.5 inches.

What size puzzles should I buy?

We recommend our 15 piece puzzle for ages 2 & 3; our 24 piece puzzle for ages 3 & 4; our 42 & 54 piece puzzles for ages 4 to 6; and our 100 piece puzzle for children 6 and over. Remember, every child is different so finding the right puzzle depends on the child. 

About Puzzle Huddle

Puzzle Huddle was created by Matthew and Marnel, a young couple with three young children. The family believes that all children should be reflected in a variety of products. As a result, they decided to create puzzles  that affirm and inspire diverse children. 

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